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There’s an ancient burial site in England called Sutton Hoo. Dating back to the 6th or 7th century, it is significant in its insight into the culture of the Anglo-Saxons who inhabited the land in that time. Priceless artifacts have been recovered, including an intact sailing vessel that provided a burial chamber for a king. It has been called the most valuable archeological find in Great Britain.

For me, the notable fact is that until recently, no one knew of the treasure hidden just a yard below the surface. Mounds dotted the acreage, but they were largely ignored. In 1938, however, Edith Pretty, the owner of the estate, decided to enlist the services of a local archeologist named Basil Brown. Not long after, the magnitude of the discovery made headlines.

Think of that. For some 1,400 years, the treasure was hidden. But once the decision was made to dig, the same treasure found the light of day. Once the decision was made to dig. With that picture in mind consider this. There is a book on your shelf right now. It has been a part of your library for a long time, a book we call the Bible. Is it possible there is hidden treasure still contained within its pages? You’ve read the words; you know the stories. But maybe, with just a bit of digging, priceless truths are waiting to be discovered. Truths that are the blessings God has for you this very day!

So, read your Bible, dare I say ‘religiously.’ Join with other believers to study and discuss these beloved passages. Participate in worship where the Word of God is preached and taught. Think on its truths. And, ‘hide its words in your heart.’ Don’t miss the incredible because the ordinary is good enough. Dig!

It’s a joy to be your pastor!

Bro. Dave

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