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A Changing World

Bro Dave Bryan - Senior Pastor

Growing up, comic books were a big part of my life. There was nothing better than sitting down and reading the latest exploits of one of my favorite superheroes in the shade of tree on a hot summer’s day while sipping on a cold bottle of Coke and munching on a bag of Peanut M&Ms. Mom and Dad certainly approved of it. They would even use comics as a reward or incentive for doing my chores or being quiet on a family vacation.

Well, things have changed. Yes, the cost of a comic is certainly more than it was in those idyllic days in the ‘60s. But more significantly, the comics themselves have changed. For as a reflection of the world we live in, the themes and story lines today show how much our culture has changed in the last several decades. The latest and most glaring example of this can be found in the latest edition of Superman. In this particular story line, Superman’s son is now the current superhero in the series, and the next issue will disclose that he is bisexual. Yes, in a couple of weeks, a little boy will be reading his favorite comic book and see Superman kissing another man. Oh, Superman still stands for Truth, Justice, and the American Way. It’s just not the same truth, the same justice, or the same way anymore. The world has redefined those terms.

For those of us who see the world through the filter of God’s Word, such a thing is hard to deal with. If we’re not careful, we’re going to think the comic book is the problem. We’ll pass out petitions, encourage boycotts, and flood social media with our posts and memes. But we must be better than that. We must understand the fact that this magazine is not changing the world; the world has already changed, and it is the world that has changed the comic book.

That means that families of faith have serious challenges ahead that previous generations did not have to deal with. More than ever, they are raising their children in an alien world, and that takes work, discernment, and commitment as they live for Christ. In direct opposition to the culture around them, they must teach their children the Truth of God’s Word, the Justice found only in the Lordship of Christ, and the Way that is only found in the name of the Son of God.

Such an understanding has an impact upon the church as well. Building GREAT Faith within the young and median families of Mustang requires us to understand the challenges facing these dear families and compels us to be a resource of help and encouragement for them. Vision 2024 calls us to be a safe haven and an effective training ground for believers living in a world that has redefined the very tenants of what we hold as important. It calls us to be church home that is a friend to families within our community. It calls us to be faithful to the heart of our Lord and Savior.

Together, we look forward to the days ahead as we face the challenges of taking the gospel to a lost world. I am grateful you are the group of people I get to travel with.

It is a joy to be your pastor!

Bro. Dave

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