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a clean workbench


I like a clean workbench. I don’t multi-task very well, and while working on a project, I prefer to focus only on the task before me, not a plethora of things left over from previous jobs. For me, it’s worth the investment of time to put the tools back, throw away the scraps, and sweep up the sawdust. Yes, I like a clean workbench, and truth be told, at times I wonder if I don’t spend more time cleaning than woodworking!

Of course, this linear attitude is reflected in other areas of my life, not the least is my faith. Jesus said to make our relationships right with our fellow man before approaching the altar with a gift. John told his readers to confess their sins that God might provide cleansing. Paul tells the people of Corinth that the empty tomb of Christ leads to our own hope of resurrection. He tells the church of Philippi that he leaves the things behind him and presses on to what is ahead. He paints a picture of a ‘clean workbench’ as he looks ahead to the work God has set before him.

Many times, our current experience of faith is muddled because previous sin and failure are still hanging around. It’s a daily task. Giving the scraps and rubble of past failings over to be covered by His grace cleans my life, allowing Him to lead me to new days of serving Him. It all begins with a clean workbench.

On a practical basis, I am looking forward to our end of the year emphasis on our World Missions offering beginning in October. However, before we begin that project, we have to finish up another one. For several months now, we’ve been working to set aside money to undertake Phase One of our Carpet Renewal program. The response of the church family has been outstanding, and we only have a little over $15,000 left! Sunday, September 29th has been set aside as a day for the church to give to the Carpet Fund to put it over the top! Consider your gift. Let’s ‘clean the workbench,’ and prepare ourselves for the exciting days ahead!

It’s a joy to be your pastor!

Bro. Dave

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