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A little boy approached his mom and asked, "Where did I come from?" And the mom did what any red-blooded mom would do and said, "Go ask your father!" He did and the dad begins shuffling his feet, and scratching his head, trying to decide what he would tell his young son. So he stumbled through the story of the birds and bees and then asked his son, "Did that help?" The little guy said, "I don't care about all of that stuff. I just want to know where I came from. Jeff said he came from Texas and I want to know where I came from!"

One of the most pressing challenges of our day is to determine just where did we come from. We have the Charles Darwins and the Sigmund Freuds telling us we’re just accidents and nothing more than a cog in the economical machinery of life. But according to the Word of God we are more that any accident, more than just some cog in life, we are the result of a God who loved us so much He created us in His image.

Because we are "created beings" we have VALUE! We are worth something. Our value does not come in WHAT we do, but in WHO we are. We also have LIMITS! We are not here forever, so it is important that we do all we can for our Creator while we are living.

As we move deeper into our "Who's Your One" emphasis, remember God created you to help carry on His work on earth. One way we do that is by helping others find His love and forgiveness. Who have you told today about Jesus?

It is a honor to be on this staff and work with these men and women who love God and each other.

- Rusty

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