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A New Day is Approaching

By Jeff Kimes - Executive Pastor

The term New Day can have many meanings. It means the sun is rising to give light to a new day, and all that it holds. It also means a new chapter in the life of Chisholm Heights Baptist Church is upon us. With that new chapter things will look a little different around here. Soon, we will be out of the gym and worshiping in the newly remodeled worship center, and Sunday November 5th will be that day. I know some will miss the metal chairs, but I sure you will adjust to the newly recovered pews. Please continue to pray about what the Lord would have you contribute to the New Day fund. Because of the generous donations already our loan requirement has decreased from $750,000 to just over $400,000, God is good!

It is also A New Day for a new pastor. At some point we will welcome a new pastor to lead the church in possibly a new direction. That can be a little unsettling at times, but I trust God is bringing Chisholm a pastor that will lead the church in the direction that He wants Chisholm to go. The pastor search committee is fervently seeking the Lord for His direction as they look for the man God has for Chisholm Heights. Please join them in praying for this, God has a plan for this church and we need to be willing to embrace the New Day that is coming.

I pray as we enter this New Day together we keep our eyes fixed on the Lord and allow Him to lead wherever He may lead.

God Bless,


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