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Dear Church Family,

What a wonderful day we experienced last Sunday! Many were able to gather online during our Livestream service, while some were able to attend the service in the sanctuary. The Lord was present with all and our church was indeed blessed. Whether you were at home or at the church, thank you for your participation in the worship service. What a joy it is to gather together in His name, even when we might be in different locations!

In light of the good day Sunday and the positive, cooperative response from our people, allow me to make the following announcement. After consulting with our church leadership as well as receiving clarification from Governor Stitt’s office, we are ready to remove the age restriction for those 65 and older wanting to attend our worship service beginning this Sunday, May the 10th! That’s right, maintaining the following guidelines, we’re taking the next step in Opening The Doors.

1. While there is no age restriction, those who have a medical condition that makes them vulnerable or at risk will need to stay home and watch the service online. Those who are sick need to stay home as well.

2. Many of our family are just not ready to be in a large group yet. We understand and respect your situation and want you to know we are still committed to providing our online service with you in mind. Being responsible is the order of the day for each of us.

3. Please Note: Simply because the church says the doors are open for those 65 and older to attend does not mean that you should. Please review the information that is available and consider if being out in public is really the best decision for you. Talk to your family about it. Talk to your friends about it. And, if it would be helpful, please talk to your pastor about it! The ‘Safer At Home’ restrictions are not designed to eliminate the virus, but to manage it at a level that does not overwhelm our healthcare system. The COVID-19 virus is still active and the numbers all indicate that it takes the heaviest toll on those who are older or at risk. I am anxious to see you, but if you determine that it is best to wait awhile longer before you attend church ‘on site,’ then that is the decision I believe the Lord has for you.

4. Other conditions outlined last week are still in place, i.e. social distancing protocols, no nursery, and limited building accessibility to name a few.

5. The use of masks by worship attenders is not required, but certainly acceptable and even encouraged. You might consider wearing a mask upon entering and leaving the sanctuary, but if you’re comfortable, you could take the mask off during the service itself.

Oh, my friends, I know that is a lot. Your staff and other church leaders are working hard to understand how we need to proceed with ‘Opening The Doors,’ while at the same time being prudent with the well-being of our membership at the forefront. Please keep us in your prayers. And of course, if there is anything you need or a question that you have, we are but a phone call away.

It is a joy to be your pastor!

Bro. Dave (405) 820-2125 (cell)

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