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Back in the Saddle Again

by Rusty Stowe - Senior Adult Minister

Some of us are old enough to remember a guy from Oklahoma named Gene Autry.  In fact, there is a little community just north of Ardmore that bears his name.  It is complete with a very nice landing strip for incoming flights, a small combination convenience store/museum/gift shop and according to the 2020 census a population of 154 folks.  Gene was a cowboy who made his fame in motion pictures and with his music.  He is best known for recording the famous lyrics -  “I’m Back In The Saddle Again.”  The song talks about being back with his friends doing what he loves to do!


Well, it may be the time of this new year for all of us to “get back in the saddle again.” Get back to church as we once knew it.  Get back to Sunday school and Wednesday activities like we used to do.  It is time for us to “get back” to not only being here (physically) but inviting your family and friends to join you here at CHBC. We are seeing a steady growth in Sunday school and worship, and it is because you are doing a fine job of telling others what is happening around here. We just heard a marvelous report from Matt Willrath concerning our financial situation for the end of last year. God has indeed blessed us and we need to remember that from time to time. We are back looking for the men that God is preparing to fill the positions of Sr. Pastor and Minister of Music.  We need to be excited to see who God has prepared just for us!


I want to thank Rita Stowe and all of the helpers that were involved in the effort put forth to host the Singing Churchwomen of Oklahoma last week.  170 plus singers and instrumentalist came to visit and were treated royally.  Everything from being in our beautiful auditorium to being fed very well by Becky Gober and her kitchen helpers to being greeted by our volunteers when they arrived on the property was done in a marvelous way.  A “Thank You” just doesn’t seem to be enough, but is all I have right now. CHBC was very well represented this group.


So, where do we go from here?  Let’s let God use us as He sees fit and get “back in the saddle again” as we move into this new year.


See Ya!


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