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Being a Difference Maker

by Rusty Stowe - Senior Adult Minister

On Wednesday evening we are looking at a series called “Being a Difference Maker.” Pastor Gregg Matte of First Baptist Church in Houston, Tx. is our video instructor. He is using Isaiah 1 to show us that we can make a difference in our world. He points out that before God is able to make a difference THROUGH us, we need Him to make a difference IN us!

We know there are many illustrations in both the Old Testament and New that name people who have been a “difference maker” in the life of someone else. A “difference maker” is simply someone who has the COURAGE to step out and to live with IMPACT and PURPOSE. We have just been challenged by George Brock to be a soul-winner. We have heard message after message about the importantance of telling others about the saving grace of our Lord Jesus. We call that “evangelizing our community.” But Pastor Matte calls it being a “difference maker.”

He suggested our declaration should be:

“I was made for more than just WATCHING.

I have a history-changing, difference-making, life-giving, spirit-experienced legacy to leave.

Jesus, I ask you to work DEEPLY in me and CLEARLY through me as I pray, give and go in Your name.


As we prepare ourselves to meet a prospective Student Minister, pray now that God will use us to make a difference in the life of Chris and Hannah Watkins. This young couple is actively seeking God’s leadership in their lives as they consider making a move to Mustang. This could possibly be the start of a new and exciting ministry for our students. This could be a “difference making” time in their lives. It is our responsibility to pray that God’s will be done in all of this!

More than likely someone made a difference in your life through the years. Let me encourage you to be a “difference maker” in someone else’s life. We have been made for more than just sitting on the sidelines WATCHING! Get in the game and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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