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best christmas gift you ever received?

Jeff Kimes

The thought of that question probably sends your mind racing back to another time and place in your life, which resembles one of those scenes from any one of a 100 Hallmark Christmas movies playing now.

When I was around nine I remember receiving this gift from my grandparents that was, at that time, the greatest gift I had ever received. It was not expensive, or the latest and greatest thing; It was pretty ordinary but, was something I would have never asked for at the time. What was this awesome gift I received? It was a clock radio; that’s right a clock radio. Not just any clock radio, this one was digital and had an alarm you could set to wake you up with music from a radio station. That was a big deal for a nine or ten year old. One would think that it is such an ordinary gift, that a lot of people have, so why was it so special. I think mostly because it was something I never expected and it changed my life. Well, maybe “changed my life” is a bit of an exaggeration, but it did allow me to experience things that I had not been able to experience before.

We all have things in our life or experiences that have happened in our life that seem to be ordinary to us, but can be extraordinary to others. One specific things is the gift of salvation that you may have received at some point in your life. You may have received that gift in recent days or 50+ years ago, but it is the best gift you will ever receive or share with someone.

This past Sunday one of our Sunday school teachers was able to share the Gospel with a gentleman that was visiting his class, and the man prayed to receive Christ. What a great gift this man received! It was not what he asked for or even came expecting to receive but one of our own decided to offer someone something that seemed ordinary but was extraordinary! This changed a person’s life forever.

During the Christmas season do not bypass an opportunity to offer the greatest gift of all to those around you. It could truly change a person’s life forever.

Who’s the one you can share that gift with this Christmas?

Blessings, Jeff Kimes

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