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Coming Soon!

By Jeff Kimes - Executive Pastor

Things are happening!

You will soon see things changing in the halls of our church. Last Sunday, the Long Range Planning Committee presented a plan to the church for a Gathering Area/Welcome Center. I can see this area quickly becoming a hub for ministry on Sunday mornings. It will be a place where we will promote ministry, connect guest to ministry or just share a cup of coffee with one another.

This area will be located to the north of the worship center on the north side of the hallway in the Adult 3 area. We will tackle this project in 2 phases. The first phase will involve remodeling the area across from the multi-purpose room to accommodate the Adult 3 department. Then we can start phase 2 of the Gathering Area/Welcome Center.

The Long Range Planning Committee is working hard on their second task: to evaluate and come up with a plan to refresh and remodel our worship center. Please continue to pray for them as they seek the Lord's direction. These changes are all being considered with the mindset of how can we better reach our community for Jesus.

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