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Difference Makers

by Rusty Stowe

For the past 6 weeks our Wednesday evening Bible Study group has been looking at what it takes to be a “Difference Maker” – or to make a difference in someone’s life. Most of us desire to make a difference in the world and to live our lives with impact and purpose. But when we actually think about making a difference it is hard to decide where to start. It seems many people let their uncertainties and insecurities lead to inaction. In other words, they just fail to get started at all! We discovered that before God is able to make a difference THROUGH us, we need Him to make a difference IN us! Most of us have been the recipient of someone else making a difference in our lives, that one person or group of people who first told you about Jesus. Maybe it was those counselors at camp who showed you the way to Jesus. It might just have been a leader at VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL who made a difference in your life. The point is this, being a “Difference Maker” is about God’s eternal work coming through you! There are many good things people can do in our world, but it is only when God makes a difference in us that we are then able to make a lasting difference in the world. Through scripture we see where Jesus made a difference in people’s lives. Sometimes it was immediate like when He healed the paralyzed man and the guy got up and walked away, and other times Jesus made a difference over a period of time. At some point in time we have to decide are we going to be satisfied just with sitting on the sidelines and watching, or do we get involved and get in the game? Jesus wants us to do more than just watch, He wants us to be players. Right now is a great time for us as a church family to become “difference makers” in the lives of Chris, Hannah and Casey Watkins as they begin a new segment of their lives leading our students. Have them in our homes (not just the homes of students but our Sr. Adults as well), they need to know that our older church members are here to support their ministry. Volunteer to help with Falls Creek, Super Summer or just the weekly activities of our church. This is not rocket science, just tell someone your story and make a difference in their life.

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