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Encouraging Faith

by Rusty Stowe - Senior Adult Minister

Our Wednesday evening Bible Study for adults has been discussing what it looks like to be “Living By Faith.” We talked about a lady found in the Old Testament named Deborah. (Judges 4:1-9) She displayed a kind of faith that was encouraging to so many different people. She used her influence for God’s kingdom and for His honor. She was the kind of lady who did all she could do to encourage those in leadership positions.

God used Deborah to challenge and encourage Barak to step up and lead. Her example of faith led to a great moment in the life of Israel.

“Encouraging faith” can make all the difference in the life of your friends. A simple pat on the back, a handshake in the hallways, an “atta boy” to your S.S. leaders and your church staff can make a difference. We can thank God for using people like us to lead and to bring others to Him. Statistics show that the majority of people involved in church are there because someone invited them to come. Who have you invited to come WITH you lately?

I want to remind our Sr. Adults that our annual banquet is just a few weeks away. You must have a ticket to attend! We need this for the food order and for seating arrangements. You have until WEDNESDAY, SEPTEPBER 27 to purchase your tickets. Ticket are $13.00 each and may be purchased in the church office during the week and at the Welcome Center on Sunday. Our theme this year is “Laughter Is The Best Medicine” and we will host Lucas Ross, local T.V. personality. This promises to be a night when we will LAUGH and have fun together.

I can’t wait to see you in your place of service this Sunday.

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