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I like to travel. I want to go on trips. I plan trips months, if not years, in advance. I like all the bells and whistles that go with it, but there is nothing like the day of. I like airplanes; the hurry up and the wait. What I mean is that I hurry and get the family to the airport, and then I sit on a plane. I love this part. Don’t get me wrong, I love the destination as well. But, so many times we get preoccupied with the destination and we miss the journey.

There is a verse in Romans chapter 4 vs. 18, “ In hope against hope, he believed so he might become the father to many nations,” Abraham had hope when he should not have. It started from an early time when God told him to look at the stars. Then the Bible says he believed. Hope comes not from the end, but from what we learn from the journey. If God has been faithful in the past, why would he not be now? What can I learn from the trip? We know the destination will be right, but we have to learn to appreciate the journey!

Now the challenge is not what to do when we get there, but what we do on the way there. The same is said about the Christian life - what we do matters! And I have hope in a world that seems hopeless!

- Pup

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