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Evangelism As A Lifestyle

By Rusty Stowe - Senior Adult Minister

John 4:1-42

There was an old cartoon depicting a medieval Crusader, standing in full armor holding his huge shield.  He stood with his long sharp spear at the throat of a prisoner lying on the ground. The prisoner on the ground begins to struggle and then says, “OK, tell me more about your Christianity.  I just can’t wait to hear about it.”


This is the kind of picture many Christians and non-Christians have of evangelism.  The truth of the matter is this, evangelism (telling someone about Jesus) is one of the “core values” of the Christian life. This is one of the Biblical foundations that we build our lives on. Our VALUES are principles we cherish, principles God has built into each of us.


The value of EVANGELISM is not one that comes easy for most of us. Many people avoid it altogether! But the fact is Christians need to do more than just GROW our faith; we must SHARE it with others.


Jesus was the perfect example of “Lifestyle Evangelism” as He encountered people every day of His life. One classic example was the woman at the well we read about in the book of John.  She was basically a nobody! By every human standard she didn’t matter to anyone. If she had dropped dead by the well people would barely have noticed. But Jesus saw her as someone needing what He could deliver.


Jesus had the ability to meet people where they were – on their own turf. Harvesters must be willing to get into the fields.  Fishermen must go to where the fish are.  We too are needed to go to where lost people are living – on their own turf!


This week pray that God will provide you the opportunity to share your story with them.  Then be courageous enough to tell them what Jesus has done for you.


See ya in church!



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