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Rusty Stowe - Senior Adult Minister

It seems we are living in a day of "extremes." We no longer just have a bicycle to ride, we have "extreme off-road, ultra-lite" bicycles to ride. We no longer just watch college football on our average TV, we have "extreme 80 inch, HD, 4G televisions located above our state of the art surround sound, Dolby pushed sound systems.” It seems our country has forgotten how to live a normal life! We are about to start one of the most blessed holiday seasons of the year and still there are many who will not stop long enough to really express their "gratitude" for all that God has done for us. Instead of just settling for a hurried "thank you" consider what "EXTREME GRATITUDE and THANKS" might look like.

The phrase "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" is coming to life around our church. Thanks to Connie and Kenny Ferguson for the beautiful decorations throughout the church. We thank all of the guys and gals who have worked hard to get the Mustang Christmas Village almost up and running. For everyone who makes the Christmas season a wonderful experience we want to say, "Thank You!" Not just a simple thanks, but an "EXTREME THANKS!"

This year our thanks to God for where we are, ought to be an "EXTREME" thanks. Just think back to where we were last year! Very few lights! Little or no music! Scattered times of fellowship and celebrations, but praise God NOT THIS YEAR! The decorations are going up, the music is beginning to fill our halls, fellowship times are being scheduled and Christmas is finally here! Let me encourage you not to settle just for celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior as usual, but celebrate this glorious event in the most "EXTREME" way this year. Life is not what we GET, but what we GIVE! We have been so blessed by the gifts of God's hand, now it is time for us to express our "gratitude" and "thanks" in the most EXTREME way imaginable!


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