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Have you ever walked into some place and the aroma took you somewhere else? Maybe it took you back to Grandma’s house, or an amazing place you visited on vacation. Maybe you see something or hear about something thing and it takes you back.

People think the same thing about Falls Creek. We remember the smells, the sights, the blistering heat. Some of us remember sleeping in tents or in cabins without air conditioning. We might remember the open-air tabernacle or the teaching pavilions. It brings back memories.

What made it so good? It wasn’t the conditions. It was the presence of God. Maybe it was the fact that we knew we were going to meet God there. Much like Moses on Mt. Sinai. Most people went to Falls Creek and came back with great stories.

Some of the stories include salvation, some include discipleship, and others include finding a church family. As you think about Falls Creek what do you remember?

Also, remember who got you there. Sponsors and cooks are the lifeblood; without them we don’t have camp. Maybe someone paid your way to go so that you could hear the Gospel. What a blessing! So the things that I ask for you in the Falls Creek season are as follows:

1. That students meet Jesus and enter into a relationship with Him.

2. That life change will happen.

3. Protection for our students.

4. That finances will not hold anyone back and that we have enough scholarships

to cover our church family.

5. That we never forget Jesus is alive and still moving.

We would love to have you visit please let us know if you are coming.

Thank you for your support and love of students.

- Pup

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