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Falls Creek 2024

by Chris Watkins - Student Minister

Over the next few weeks, we will head to Falls Creek for our High School and Middle School camps. As we prepare our hearts for what God is going to do these couple weeks, I wanted to take a moment and share a little about Falls Creek, the theme this year, and how this camp has impacted my family. As you read through this, would you commit to praying for our students, their friends, our sponsors, and our cook team that will be down at The Creek?


A little bit about Falls Creek. Did you know this camp is 107 years old? Falls Creek Youth Camp exists to support the local church in reaching lost students in their communities and raising

a generation of teenagers with an authentic walk with God who actively share their faith.

We have a three-year theme cycle emphasizing root issues in the Christian student’s journey:

• Knowing the Character and Nature of God

• Practicing Spiritual Disciplines

• Living a Disciple-making Lifestyle

Mornings at camp provide relevant worship and creative biblical teaching, challenging believers to walk with God, to share their faith in Christ consistently, and to know God more deeply. Afternoons offer many activities, engaging students physically, socially, and spiritually. Each evening in our worship service, the Gospel is clearly presented, and students will have an opportunity to respond.

Each week, we place a high priority on Scripture, worship, relationships within the local church, and opportunities for students and adult leaders to sharpen their skills and prepare to serve God consistently after camp. Falls Creek Youth Camp is designed to reach and equip Oklahoma students and serve Oklahoma Baptists, but is open to churches across the nation that share the biblical values of Oklahoma Baptists.


This Summer’s Theme is TOTALLY!






PSALM 139:17


In a world where many things are fleeting, unreliable and uncertain, where many things are temporary -- God is totally different. This summer, we will explore the character and nature of God and walk in the confidence & peace that God is...


Totally Knowing: God knows every part of us.

Totally Present: God is ever present & in control.

Totally Caring: God has made us & is intricately involved in our lives.

Totally Capable: God can lead us & handle anything we are walking through.


In our cabin each week after evening church, we will focus on being TOTALLY Connected as we look at how we are Totally Connected to our God, families, church and community. 


Falls Creek could be considered just another church camp, but if you have been as a student or leader then hopefully you have realized that this is not just another church camp. Oklahoma is blessed with Falls Creek and Super Summer. Two camps that offer our students opportunities to grow closer to the Lord in ways I have not seen in other camps in other states. Falls Creek, in just my few trips the last couple summers, have made a mark in my life on how I desire to personally walk with the Lord and also how I desire to teach God’s Word to our students. However, this camp has made an even larger impact on my family because of my wife, Hannah’s testimony. It was at Falls Creek during a Tabernacle worship service that the Lord called her to salvation as a teenager. I will let her share her story completely, but it's a camp that has significant meaning for our family.


My prayer is that our students will grab hold of God’s truth, and that if they haven’t already, they will commit their life to the Lord and live for Him from that day forward. Camp is going to be awesome as we will have opportunities for spiritual highs. May those spiritual highs allow for us to come back and not walk right back into the lives we were living, but living lives that point others to Jesus.


Chris Watkins

Student Minister

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