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On Wednesday nights we are studying the New Testament book of 1 John. We have already seen how the Apostle John shows us that life without FELLOWSHIP with God is like being thrown in a dark closet. It is dark, cold, depressing and filled with illusions. But we have seen that God is LIGHT and in Him there is no darkness (1 John 1:5).

We know many Christians are transformed by their contact with Jesus but others are not! Some long time Christians seem to be losing interest and conforming to the world around them. So what is wrong? The secret John says is FELLOWSHIP. We will see that there is a difference between relationship and fellowship. Relationship is becoming a member of the family of God. But fellowship is experiencing Christ. We can never have FELLOWSHIP with Christ until we have established a RELATIONSHIP with Him. Come to our study on Wednesday nights at 6:00 p.m. and find out the "rest of the story."

Monday night, October 7th has been set for our annual Sr. Adult Fall Banquet. Tickets will again be $12.50 each which will include a night filled with exciting entertainment, a meal catered by Texas Road House and a time to FELLOWSHIP with each others. Tickets will go on sale Sunday, September 8. You can purchase them at the Welcome Center on Sunday mornings or in the church office during the week.

Life is good living in the House of the Lord! I look forward to being with you every time we meet.

- Rusty

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