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Bro. Dave Bryan - Senior Pastor

If an individual gets an idea for a product and wants to protect that idea from being used by someone else, the inventor will submit documentation, plans, and possibly a working model to the government office. From there, fees are paid, and if approved, a patent is issued in the inventor’s name. Sometimes, however, a patent is refused. It might be a duplicate of someone else’s work. It might try and seek ownership of information that is already in the public domain, or, it simply might not do what it claims to do. Such is the case when someone applies for a patent for a Perpetual Motion Machine, something that would be self sustaining, producing as much energy as it expends. With our current understanding of the laws of physics, such a machine is an impossibility. No patents have been issued or will ever be issued for such a device. Everything, that means everything, will at some point come to an end.

Jesus understood that concept, as did the disciples. This Sunday, September 4th, we’ll start listening to their conversation found in Mark 13. For while this order of things does have an expiration date, the Kingdom of God is forever! And for those of us who trust Christ as our Savior, God’s forever becomes our forever. I hope to see you Sunday, as the Word of God inspires us with hope in that day to come when the world as we know it comes to an end, and the Eternal Kingdom of God is established!

It’s a joy to be your pastor!

Bro. Dave

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