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From Our Pastor: A Response For Uncertain Times

My Dear Friends,

As you know, these past several days have been quite the roller coaster. Yes, the Coronavirus is impacting our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine possible. Yes, these days are unprecedented. But most importantly, yes, God is on His throne, and He still has a purpose and will for Chisholm Heights Baptist Church and her members! In light of that, may I take just a moment of your time and let you know how your church is responding to the events that assail us?

1. With a few minor modifications, we are meeting this Sunday. We will not have our breakfast this Sunday, but we most definitely will have Sunday School and OneService Worship! We will ask that for the time being we refrain from the handshakes and hugs that mark our loving family, but we will still gather in Jesus name as friends and partners in ministry. We will talk about some of the specific adjustments we might make in the weeks to come, but I will share a special message the Lord has laid on my heart for this particular day; I hope you can be here for it!

2. If you are feeling ill, please stay home. Watch the service on our website. Let us know if there is something you need that we can help with.

3. If you are feeling uneasy about being in a crowd at this time, we understand. Again, watch the service on our website and let us know if there is something you need.

4. Our custodial staff is working whatever hours are needed to make sure we maintain the highest standards of health and safety within our building. We will each do our own part by being diligent about washing our hands and using the hand sanitizing stations as provided.

5. We have cancelled our two mission trips over Spring Break; one was to Seattle, and one was to Mexico. We will see if we can reschedule those for a later date. There were many factors that went into making this very difficult decision, but one of the most important was that I felt I needed to be with you in these days.

6. As we look to the days of ministry ahead, I encourage you to remain faithful in your stewardship. If you are not here Sunday, you can make use of our online giving opportunities. Feel free to call the church office with any questions.

7. Remember your neighbors. They need a good word right now, and who better to provide it than you?

8. I will be sharing more on Sunday, but above all, remember that our Lord is still in charge. Despite the stock market decline, empty supermarket shelves, or even cancelled basketball games, NOTHING of our faith has moved one iota. We are His, and we are safely in His hands. Together, my people, we face the days of opportunity ahead of us, continuing to trust the One who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and continuing to minister in His name. No, this Sunday will not be a rehash about how bad things are. It will be a celebration of how good our God will prove Himself to be in the day before us! Difficult? Yes. Victorious? Absolutely!!!

It is a joy to be your pastor!

Bro. Dave

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