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how can this be?


I know I have asked the question, "How can this be" many times. Some of those times have been hard. Like when I got the call about a student who committed suicide. Or when I received a call saying someone had cancer. I'm not too fond of that question in those terms. It is never fun, and many times I come up empty when understanding why.

On the other hand, I have found myself asking, “How can this be?” when filled with excitement. Like when we found out we were expecting twins, or when I have seen God move in a mighty way.

In Luke 1, we see that Mary was told what was going to happen. The part that stands out to me most is the question, "how can this be?" She did not know how this immaculate conception would be. Can you imagine all the doubt and fear that she would have? Nevertheless, her response was not of fear and regret. It was one of obedience and reverence. She said, "I am the Lord's servant. "

This leads us to the point where we are asked to answer the same question. How can this be? Will we respond with resentment like Jonah, or with grace like Mary.

Many times we are not defined by the way we act, but how we react. I do not have all of the answers that people are looking for. I do know that God wants obedience in our lives. I have seen good come out of bad situations. When my student committed suicide, at his service many came to know the Lord. A sickness brought people to be healed only by the son of God.

I know I was excited for the twins, but the verdict is still out (I'm kidding). It has been a blessing. I am grateful for the opportunity to see them grow up.

- Pup Rogers

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