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How to be the Hands and Feet of Jesus

Can you believe it? The holiday season is upon us. Before Halloween was even over the Christmas decorations were hitting the store shelves. With the expected shortage of supplies and merchandise, I have heard several news stories about shopping strategies to insure you are able to purchase the gifts and supplies you are seeking.

While I was writing this article I received a call from the missionary couple we had speak at our church’s last Thanksgiving dinner 2 years ago. If you remember they had been assigned a post in Afghanistan. Then Covid hit and their assignment shifted to working in Afghan refugee camps in Germany. Then the fall of Afghanistan happened. Needless to say their work expanded as more and more Afghan people filled the camps. By being obedient to the call that God had on their lives, they are the hands and feet of Jesus ministering to the people of Afghanistan in Germany. They have seen several give their lives to Christ with the hope to take the gospel back to Afghanistan someday.

As I contemplate these things a question comes to mind. How can I be the “hands and feet” of Jesus this holiday season?

Matthew 22:37-40 (what we know as the Great Commandment) Jesus says:

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all you soul and with all you mind. This is the great and first commandment. And a second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

If we are going to be the hands and feet of Jesus we need to love God with everything we have and love our neighbor as ourselves.

There are many ways to accomplish this during the holiday season.

1. You can help those in need by participating in the Joyous Christmas event. This ministry will help provide Christmas for 40 families this year. Contact the church office for more information.

2. Invite someone to church where they will hear a clear presentation of the Gospel.

3. Invite someone to the Mustang Christmas Village.

4. Invite someone to the Christmas Eve service.

5. Just share with them how the Gospel of Jesus has changed your life and how it can change their’s.

You don’t have to go half way around the world to share the Gospel with the lost. You just have to be willing to love your neighbor enough to share with them what Jesus has done in your life.

God bless,

Jeff Kimes

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