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In the Game

Bro. Dave Bryan - Senior Pastor

I can only imagine how it must feel. The player has been to practice and memorized the play book. And now, his or her moment has come. The coach points and says to ‘get in the game.’ Finally, all that hard work will be put to use. No longer on the sideline, the spectator has become the participant.

On Sunday afternoon, April 3rd, our church will explore new territory on our journey. Our Action Ministry Team, formed as part of Vision 2024, is sponsoring an event we’re calling Action Ministry Sunday. It’s a time when the folks of CHBC are going to ‘get in the game!’

On that day, we’ll meet for our regular times of Sunday School and Worship. But, after our morning service, folks will gather for a light lunch and then head out to minister within our community. For this day, our focus will not be on those within our congregation as much as it is on those in our community. We’ll have ministry locations set up and a team leader that will help direct that specific team’s work.

What will the team actually do? Well, it might be anything the family might need, but I expect we’ll focus on Spring Cleaning by getting their lawn and flower gardens ready for warmer temperatures. In any event, for a few hours, Chisholm Heights Baptist Church will attempt to meet the practical needs of families within our community in the name of Jesus. We’ll have other options as well, but when all is said and done, that will be a

good day!

Be ready to sign up this Sunday! Be ready to answer the call and ‘get in the game!’

It’s a joy to be your pastor!

Bro. Dave

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