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by Griff Henderson - Interim Pastor

In the summer of 1982, while my home church had an interim pastor, I was called to full time vocational ministry. In 1994, while the church I was serving at had an interim pastor, God called me to be a lead preaching pastor. I believe God can do great things during interims for individuals and for the church.

I’ve seen churches become more healthy during interims. Here at Chisholm Heights, It was exciting to see a young lady come and receive Christ in the service several weeks ago. It was awesome to have 50 people together praying on a Sunday night. Great camps, bible school and other great things are going on. There is a spirit of freedom in the worship service that makes me thankful.

I am incredibly honored and blessed to be your short-term interim pastor. Thank you!

It has been said that every pastor is an interim. They are pastors for 5, 10, 20, 30 years and then another pastor begins. While I don’t really like that statement, I believe it is true.

Why? Because we know that the Bride of Christ is the Church. JESUS is THE SHEPHERD. The pastor/shepherd that becomes your next pastor will be the Human shepherd for hopefully many years, but Christ is the forever Shepherd.

Your former pastor was and is a great man of God. But THE SHEPHERD IS STILL LEADING THE CHURCH.

The Eternal Shepherd, Jesus Christ is still doing convicting, calling and moving in

our midst.

Don ‘t forget the best is yet to come. That includes right now.

Finally, just a quick word of how thankful I am for your staff. Great teamwork, hearts and a desire to follow Jesus.

Praying with you,


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