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A man met a guru in the road. The man asked the guru, “Which way should I go to achieve success?” The robed, bearded sage said nothing, but he pointed to a place in the distance. The man, thrilled by the prospect of quick and easy success, rushed in the appropriate direction. Suddenly, there came a loud ‘Splat.' Soon, the man limped back, tattered and stunned, assuming he must have misinterpreted the message. He repeated his question to the guru. “Which way should I go to achieve success?” The guru again pointed silently in the same direction. The man obediently walked off once more. This time the 'splat' was deafening. When the man crawled back, he was bloody, broken, tattered, and irate. ”I asked you which way I should go to achieve success,” he screamed at the guru. “I followed the direction you gave me, and all I got was splatted! No more of this pointing! Talk!” Only then did the guru speak. What he said was: “Success is that way. Just a little past splat.”

It is always too soon to quit. We all have dreams and goals in our lives, some of which we have obtained, others seem so far out of reach we feel like quitting on them. God-given dreams and goals are just that…God given. Sometimes these dreams are hard and in fact, out of our capabilities. So why would God give us such aspirations if we are unable to achieve them? The answer is simple, it is for His glory. When God gives us a task far beyond our abilities we must rely on His strength to accomplish it. Ultimately His power will be shown through us! It is always too soon to quit.

I have recently found myself in this situation. The dream or goal is far beyond my capabilities and the road to success seems daunting. It is at times like this I want to give up, I want to quit on this dream as it is too hard. In his book “The Circle Maker” Mark Batterson makes a profound argument about quitting on a God-given dream. He says imagine if the Israelites approached Jericho and saw the walls around the city and gave up. They knew God had given them this land so they proceeded with His instructions. Imagine if they had walked around the city for 6 days and decided they were too tired to go again. Imagine if they had walked all the way around the city for those days and then gave up right before God performed His miracle. It is always too soon to quit.

God wants to do amazing things through us if we will let Him. In John 1:47-51 we read the account of the Nathanael meeting Jesus. As Nathanael approached Jesus, He makes a proclamation about Nathanael’s character. Nathanael seems surprised that he is already known and asks Jesus how He knows him. Jesus responds that he saw him under a fig tree. This inspires Nathanael and he then proclaims Jesus as the king of Israel. Jesus responds by saying “Because I said to you that I saw you under the fig tree, do you believe? You will see greater things than these.” It is always too soon to quit.

Don’t limit God’s power in your life, let Him work in and through you, through the dreams and goals He has given you. Let Him be glorified through you!

It is always too soon to quit.


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