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This past Sunday was my dad’s 84th birthday!

There are a number of folks who come to me and say, “You remind me so much of L.D.!” Or, “You look just like your dad!” Or even, “You must have got that joke from your dad! That sounded just like him!”

Early in my life, I had no desire to be compared with my dad. In fact, during my “foreign missionary” days down in Houston, I enjoyed being able to step out from my dad’s shadow and develop my own ministry that wasn’t tagged to his. But as I grew older (and I hope wiser), I realized that this apple didn’t fall far from the tree! I found myself enjoying the comparison with the man who loved me and instilled in me so much!

As I continue to move about my life, I find myself longing to also reflect the light from the eyes of my Heavenly Father. May people say about me “He is his Father’s son” referring to my Heavenly Father as well as to my earthly one.

This week is Vacation Bible School, and each child present will hear about the love of their Heavenly Father! And if they don’t know Him as their Lord and Savior, our heart’s desire is that they give their hearts to Him this week!! And then may they grow up to reflect His eyes as well!

Pray for the teachers, for Clint, for Bro. Dave, as they have a part in sharing Jesus’ love with these boys and girls this week!

And in a couple of weeks further, YES!, our Student Choir, will head down to Corpus Christi to help the folks of Padre Island Baptist Church in their VBS! And even more children will be given the opportunity to respond to God’s love. May they accept the free gift of forgiveness and the invitation to be a part of God’s Family!

Your job? Pray. PRAY. PRAY!!

First and foremost, pray that all of us will reflect God’s love to all who come near to us.

Pray that the boys and girls in our VBS will hear and respond to God’s love and forgiveness.

Pray that our Student Choir will share the love of God with the boys and girls in Corpus, and that they might respond to the tugging at their hearts by the Holy Spirit!

As we work and as we pray, who knows just what God will choose to do within our midst!

Prai-“sing” Him!

- David

P.S. Who’s Your ONE? Mine’s Ron.

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