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”The two choirs that gave thanks then took their places in the house of God;" (Nehemiah 12:40)

Not even Covid19 can stop the praises of God’s people! It may look a little different, but we still will pick up the mantle of praise and lift our voices in song!

The people in Nehemiah’s day were busy rebuilding the wall around Jerusalem. And as they worked, their enemies threatened to attack them to cause them to stop their efforts. The work slowed down a bit as half worked while the other half kept guard. Those who brought supplies carried what they could with one hand while they held a weapon in their other hand. And everyone who worked had a sword at their side. And God caused their efforts to succeed!

When all was said and done, a celebration was held where God was exalted. And the choirs were a primary focal point for this celebration and worship service!

We too, have much to be thankful for, and our choirs help us celebrate like nothing else can! And YOU are invited to help us!

If you’re 55 or over and enjoy a more traditional / southern gospel flavor of music, our GEMSTones Choir is for you! We gather each Wednesday at 4:00pm in the Choir Room, beginning September 9th! Not only are we singing some of our favorite songs, but we will also be looking at what we will be presenting for this Christmas season!

Sunday afternoon, September 13th at 4:30, YES! Student Choir kicks off in the Choir Room with singing and eating!! We’ll talk about upcoming events, including our Choir Mission Trip in May of 2021.

Also on Sunday, the 13th at 4:30, our Children’s Choirs, SMASH (Children 1st-6th grade) and BLAST (Pre-school 3yo-K) will begin their time together. Normally, they meet at 5:30 for a snack supper before they move to their choir rooms in the Children’s Building. This particular Sunday is our Home Group week, so each of our graded choirs (including Students) will be finished by 5:30 so they can also attend the Home Group with their parents.

And of course our Adult Choir, the Hearts of Praise, has already resumed rehearsals on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 in the Choir Room! We’re also putting together a time of fellowship as we celebrate Christmas in September where we’ll listen to our upcoming Christmas work together.

No matter your age, there is a choir for YOU! And NOW is the best time to join us! Let’s lift our voices together to praise the Lord!

Prai-“sing” Him! - David

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