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My How Things Have Changed

By Jeff Kimes - Executive Pastor

I saw this article on the internet and shared it with Glenda, thinking she might pick up some tips. Well as you can imagine, she got a good laugh and picked up no tips. I think her comment was “Good luck with that.”

If you are of a certain age I can tell you what came to mind as you read the article, June Cleaver, from the television show Leave it to Beaver. That was the stereotypical family of the 1950’s, but society has changed, just as many other things changed over time. Hair and clothing styles change, music changes, and social norms change.

But one thing is certain, the Word of God and the gospel message has not, and will not change. Many have tried to change the meaning and message of the gospel but the Gospel is rooted in the Word of God and that is the message that we proclaim.

Our families may not look like the “Cleavers”, but the gospel we proclaim is the same gospel Jesus preached over 2000 years ago.


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