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An individual asked me a question the other day that I don’t believe I had ever been asked. They said, ‘What does your prayer list look like?’ What a great question! My desire would be that I’d have an answer worthy of such a question. So, for better or worse, here’s some things that were on my list today.

First thing this morning, I prayed for my wife and our family. Some were simple things, others . . . well, not so much. I prayed for our staff and the workday ahead of us. I asked for wisdom to be able to lead well as we look ahead to the next few months. I prayed for our country and her leaders. I prayed for our mission partnerships. I thanked the Lord for a good day of worship, teaching, and fellowship on Sunday. I asked Him to forgive me for a shortcoming that had interfered with an interaction with a church member. I thanked Him for His grace that is evident even in the midst of my failure.

As the day wore on, I prayed for several church members that were going through trying times. I prayed for a couple I would be meeting with later in the day. I had a word of prayer with one of our pastors as we tried to minister to an individual suddenly in crisis. Finally, in preparation for other meetings coming up, I prayed for some issues facing our Southern Baptist Convention and our local Capital Baptist Association.

As I pondered that question, I saw that our prayer list says something about us. As I continue to follow Jesus and grow in my faith, I want my list to reflect the love and grace of Jesus. I want to be more like Him and love the things He loves. As a work in progress, I’m not there yet. And so, I pray, asking the Lord to make my list look like His!

Philippians 4:6 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.

It’s a joy to be your pastor!

Bro. Dave

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