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Yeah, it’s a difficult task. It’s hard. When we make a commitment to be an ambassador of faith, we find ourselves on the front lines of a spiritual battle that is being waged all around us. Of course, the actual task, having a conversation with someone about the truth of Jesus, is easy in and of itself. It is just a conversation. But the circumstances, situation, and response of the one hearing the story can indeed be challenging. To put it simply, it can be frustrating. Despite our best and most faithful of efforts, it still comes down to sinful man submitting to the Savior. The response is out of our hands.

‘Leaving the results to God’ is a standard part of almost every definition of evangelism I have ever heard. If I’m honest, it is probably the hardest part for me personally. When someone declines, when they don’t accept the invitation, when they don’t show up, it is all too easy to take their rejection as if it were against me. I can become discouraged. I can become crestfallen. I can take the path of least resistance and just give up. Such is our battle, and our spiritual armor protects us from such destructive thoughts. Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Faith, and confidence in our own Salvation protect our hearts from discouragement and prepare us for a new day. We take a breath, focus on our Master, and once again enter into the fray at His bidding. As with all things authored by God, when the day is done, it is good!

We are looking ahead to a great month in August, culminating in our ‘Come Home Sunday’ on August 25. Matt Queen will be sharing a message that will give a clear opportunity for someone to respond. It’s time, folks. Consider today who you’ll invite to ‘Come Home’ on that day!

It’s a joy to be your pastor!

Bro. Dave

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