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Overflowing Gratitude

A note from Bro Dave Bryan

There is a skill to filling a glass with a soft drink. If you stop pouring too soon, well, you’re left with a glass that isn’t full. But pour just a bit too much, and you watch with panic as the foam continues to rise, eventually spilling out of the container. This afternoon in particular, that picture is especially meaningful.

Today Karen and I received the love gift you provided us upon my retirement. To say the least, we are overwhelmed. You see, our glass was full. Your expressions of kind words, cards, and gifts had already lifted our soul. Yet, you continue to pour into our lives, and in the words of the psalmist, ‘our cup overflows!’ Your offering has blessed us beyond words, and all we can do is let you know of the gratitude that flows in abundance for us today. You are an amazing people, CHBC, and Karen and I will always cherish our

times together!

We look forward to our days ahead, especially those times the Lord will allow our paths to cross again. Yes, while we are excited for the future, for this moment, we are simply grateful for where we have been, and even more grateful for the ones with whom we shared the journey.

Yes, it has been a joy to be your pastor, church family. We are praying for you as you continue to see God’s blessing unfold in your midst!

Bro. Dave and Karen

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