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Passion Week

by Chris Watkins - Student Minister

Church family what a week in the life of the Church. As we navigate through this week and whatever God has in store for each of us, let us be reminded of what took place over 2,000 years ago. For the Church this week is Holy Week or Passion Week. It is the week between Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday/Easter. If I had to guess, many of us have heard of the details that transpired during this week that concluded with the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, but I know that there are still many that

have not.

The week was filled with festivities and people traveling into town as families gathered to celebrate a tradition that started because of the Exodus from Egypt, called the festival of unleavened bread and the week culminates with the Passover Seder meal. This festival/celebration is still celebrated today. The Seder meal is not just for our Jewish friends, but even in our Christian faith we can take part in this meal of remembrance of what the Lord has done. I myself have had the honor to lead various Seder meals over the years. The meal is why Jesus was gathered with His disciples together on that Thursday when He instituted after the meal the Lord’s Supper/Communion that we took together as a church this past Sunday.

This week is filled with history and full of meaning. It is important that as we approach Resurrection Sunday, that we take time to reflect on all that the Lord has done and pray with expectation for all He is still going to do. There is a graphic that I have attached here that shares the day-by-day events as found in Scripture what Jesus did over the course of Passion Week.

Church, one last thing, just remember that Easter is a special Sunday in which we find that more people have a desire or tendency to attend a church service. Let’s make sure we extend invitations to those that we work with, see in the grocery store, in our neighborhoods, etc. Sunday is going to be special, not just because it is Easter, but because we get another opportunity to celebrate our Risen Savior together!


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