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The new "catch" word for 2020 seems to be "CONTAGIOUS!" People are wanting to know if we have tested POSITIVE or NEGATIVE. And we can ask the same question concerning our spiritual lives - are we POSITIVE or NEGATIVE?

On Wednesday evenings, at 6:00 p.m., we are going to take a look at what we need to be doing for the world to see us as "contagious" Christians. We will look at some spiritual truths that will prove effective as we move through this awful time in our lives. The Word of God is full of promises that will benefit us as we proactively address issues that Christians need to live a "contagious" life for Christ. One writer said there are three challenges for us to live this kind of life:

1. DISARM - Ask God to turn your fear of witnessing into an inner attitude of grace.

2. DEFEND - Practice telling your personal story. Be ready to tell someone what God has done for you.

3. DEMONSTRATE - Turn everything over to God right now. Your fears, your uncertainties and let God take care of them for you.

As Bro. Dave has been preaching to us - "God has this whole thing under control!"

Thank you for your prayers concerning Rita. She is at home, under the care of Home Health Services and doing OK!

Continue to pray for her as she rehabs and gains strength over the next few weeks.



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