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By Bro Dave Bryan - Senior Pastor

Routine is an important part of our lives. As we go through our day, it gives us a place to stand. These repeated moments free us from always spending time on the learning curve. Doing the same thing in the same way is comfortable and familiar. It makes hard things easier. I have a routine that gets me through the morning and out of the house. I have a routine for sermon development. I have a routine for cleaning the pool. I even have a routine when it comes to eating a slice of chocolate cake! Routines keep me in my comfort zone.

But there are times that should not be routine. There are times when things should not be comfortable, when I need to open myself to the unexpected. And this is never more true than in my relationship to God. Only living my faith when it is comfortable and convenient is a symptom of a lackluster faith indeed. Opening my heart and mind to the fresh Word and Presence of God gives my faith a vitality and strength that is worthy of the One in whom I place my trust.

For example, let’s consider the Lord’s Supper. We share in it several times a year. It’s a nice time together in our worship center. We know what to expect and how to respond. Is it possible it has become just a bit routine for us? If so, isn’t that worrisome? After all, of all the things we do as an expression of our faith, taking the ordinance of Communion lightly carries a strict warning in Scripture. Might we be on guard that we might not overlook the message the bread and the cup bring to us.

Sunday, November 6th, our congregation will share together in the Lord’s Supper in our morning service. One of the things we offer you as you prepare for that day is a devotional book entitled “Come To The Table.” Over the next month, I invite you to join me as we consider the Word of God daily, looking ahead to the Sunday where we’ll remember His sacrifice. The books will be available this Sunday, and your first daily devotion will then be on Monday.

I look forward to our days ahead in Christ. It is a joy to be your pastor!

Bro. Dave

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