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Someone I'd Like You to Meet

By Bro Dave Bryan - Senior Pastor

This Sunday is a big day for our congregation. Your Student Minister Search Committee will be introducing you to the man and his family that we feel God desires to be our next Student Minister. You can find out more information about Chris and Hannah Watkins elsewhere in this newsletter as well as opportunities for us to get to know them better. Of course, Sunday night is a special time with Chris for questions and answers, followed by a Special Called Business Meeting with a motion from the Search Committee. Folks, I can't wait for this weekend. God is so good!

And yet, there is something even greater happening Sunday Morning. As much as we will appreciate getting to hear from Chris, we will also share in a message from God’s Word, Mark 7:14-23 to be exact. As we talk about the importance of a changed heart, we’ll come to understand that only Jesus can make us brand new. I can change my behavior; that takes discipline. But a new heart? That takes a miracle! I wonder, maybe you have a friend that needs to meet Jesus. Consider taking the opportunity and invite them to church on Sunday. Because we know someone we’d like them to meet!

Looking forward to this coming Lord’s Day, my friends! It’s a joy to be your pastor!

Bro. Dave

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