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Today is the first day of summer. Not officially mind you, but in my capacity, and that means camps, events, discipleship and much more. In other words BUSY. We have church events, as well as chasing the family around. We have late nights and some early mornings. But ultimately we are busy. Which is ok, as long as you slow down a bit.

I heard it said once that a good shepard walks slowly among the sheep. In the midst of the busyness I find comfort in the fact that Jesus has a job to do, but He is not afraid to slow down and walk among the sheep to hear our needs and take care of us. The big question is, do we slow down enough to hear and listen to the shepherd? Next time you are in a hurry take the time to stop, breath, and seek Christ.

In the mean time, be in prayer for all the things coming up this summer!

Prayer needs:

Who’s Your One? Evangelism Training

Falls Creek

Super Summer

Choir Tour



Block Party

- Pup

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