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Here's how it works:

1. Download Zoom app or open on your web browser.

2. If using the app, select Sign Up. Create a free account using your email address. Once you sign in, select the Join button at the top and enter the meeting code for the class you would like to join.

3. If using web browser, in the top right corner of the page click Sign Up, It’s Free. Once you sign in, click on Join A Meeting in the top right corner of the page. Enter the meeting code for the class you would like to join.* (See Below)

4. Some classes require a password.* (See Below)

5. Using the free version of zoom, calls may only last about 40 minutes. (Notice one class has scheduled two calls just in case they need more time.)

*Call the church office to receive your class time, meeting code, and password if necessary. We currently have three different meeting times.

Two Classes @ 9:30am

One Class @ 9:45 am

Three Classes @ 10 am

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