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sweet potatoes vs. idaho potatoes

Pup Rogers

The other day I was looking in a magazine and I came across a recipe that called for sweet potatoes and apples. My first thought was Kasey is allergic to sweet potatoes so can I substitute it with regular potatoes? I will admit I am not fond of sweet potatoes, so it got me thinking; why are potatoes different? Sweet potatoes are orange, Idaho potatoes are white. The structure is different, the texture is different, and one is more savory than the other. So do Idaho potatoes and apples go together or will people balk at the idea?

What about our lives? Have we substituted something good for something that was not supposed to be replaced? Case in point for me: have I skipped my quiet time today and said I'll just listen to worship music and call it good? Have I placed a high priority on putting my family first instead of putting my relationship with Christ first?

The list goes on and on. But the reality that we face is that we have taken some extraordinary things and used those to substitute what God wants from us. The stuff we elevate is good, but that is not what God has called us to do.

To let you know, I have not tried Idaho potatoes with apples yet.

Pup Rogers

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