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The End or the Beginning?

By Rusty Stowe - Senior Adult Minister

Today, December 27, 2022, will be considered by many as the END of a year full of different emotions, heartaches, losses, blessings and joy! And that will be true of so many of us. The year 2022 has been a time of change for many! Our church has experienced this with the change of leadership in our Student Ministry, our Children’s Ministry and our Music Ministry. CHRIS WATKINS has brought new ideas, new goals and certainly new faces into our ministry to our students. He and Hannah (and of course, Casey) are such a blessing to our church family. ROBIN ROADY has moved from her leadership role in our exciting Parents Day Out (PDO) Ministry into over-seeing all of the ministries to our children and their families. Robin, along with her husband Brad and their girls, Marlo and Moriah, are moving forward into the year 2023 with plans for camps and VBS. LORI RADER has stepped up as PDO Director and done a great job in the fall semester with 80+ kids. Mindy Stewart has continued to do a great job as Preschool Coordinator. Then we have JON DUNCAN coming the last Sunday of January, January 29, to begin his duties as our Interim Minister of Music. You will enjoy getting to know Jon and his wife Mary in the days ahead! We cannot say enough “nice things” about our office staff as they fulfill their roles day after day. ESTHER FICKEN and RITA STOWE have moved into their positions along with KRISTY and COURTNEY to round out a great support staff. STEVE ROLEN, BARBARA TEEPLES, BECKY GOBER and all of their support staff should never be forgotten for the many things they do for our church family. So, it is an exciting END of another year!

Some of us will be welcoming in the new year as the BEGINNING! Regardless of where you stand, it will be another great year around CHBC as we wait and see how God is gong to bless us and use us to carry out his Great Commission here in Mustang, in Oklahoma and around the world.

A wise “old” sage, (Bro. Dave) once made the statement: “It don’t cost nothin’ to be NICE.” So with that, let me challenge all of us to “BE NICE” in the coming year! Being NICE just might lead to the opportunity for you to share your story of salvation with a lost person. Being NICE might just be the invitation for someone to come and join one of our small groups or to come and join us for worship. Who knows, being NICE might be the one thing that leads to one of our delinquent church members getting plugged back into their place of service?

I personally can’t wait to see what God has in store for us in this new year.

Happy New Year!


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