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by Clint Percefull - Children's Minister

Fishing has become one of my favorite things to do. I love heading down to our pond and trying different lures and helping my kids catch as many fish as they can! I have probably fished more this summer than any other and it has been great.

Having fished the same pond numerous times, I began to notice a few hot spots. I would almost always catch a fish or two in certain locations around the pond and I began to visit those locations first. One morning I got up early and walked down to the pond with dreams of fishing my favorite spot. This spot had produced several large bass that were so fun to catch and I couldn’t wait to get there! I rounded the corner and to my horror, there was already someone fishing my spot! That was my spot!! I couldn’t believe he was already there and I watched him intently for a few moments. I was hoping he would move on or be done for the morning, but after a few minutes, it became clear he was not moving and I was going to have to find a different location.

I moved down the bank a few hundred feet and began casting my line. The whole time I was getting angrier and angrier that my spot was taken. I was even saying to myself, “Self, I can’t believe he is still there…why won’t he move…he is not even using the right lure…” etc. I let this thought process spiral out of control until I was downright mad.

Suddenly I felt a strike on my line. I immediately pulled back on my rod to set the hook and began to reel. Then I experienced something I have never experienced before. The fish I had just hooked began to pull my line back out. I pulled on my pole to the left, trying to bring him back toward the shore, but he took my line to the right. I pulled to the right and he pulled it back to the left. I had no control over what this fish was doing or where he was going. It was then that it hit me that I had just hooked the biggest fish of my life!

I got to thinking about this and wondered, how often do we get angry at God when things don’t go our way? I know I have ideas and plans for how I want my life to go, but sometimes God has a different idea. I am reminded of Proverbs 16:9

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”

My plans that day were to go down to the pond and catch a fish. I caught a fish, a big fish. It was not how I had planned it. God directs our steps and it is easy to lose sight of that idea. The next time something does not go as I had planned, I will stop to reflect on the Lord’s promises. I challenge you to do the same.

Clint Percefull

Children’s Minister

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