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David Baker

Just a couple of weeks ago, Rex Austin and Terry Watts returned from a very blessed mission trip to India. This Saturday, several of our students and leaders will join Pup in heading out of town to minister to the people of Seattle. Bro. Dave is looking into how we can best minister to our mission friends from Mexico. And our Student Choir is getting ready to minister to the wonderful fellowship of the Padre Island Baptist Church in Corpus Christi this summer! “It’s beginning to look a lot like….Missions!”

None of our missions events happen without the love and support from you, our church family! Your prayers are primary in the quest to share God’s love with these groups that God has placed in front of us! Without your prayer support, our mission endeavors are like going into battle without artillery back up!

But not only do you support our missional attacks against our enemy with prayer, but you also help provide the means for our church body to be able to go and put “boots on the ground”! Once again you’ll have the opportunity to assist our Student Choir by allowing us to feed you lunch following our morning worship services on March 31st! You have been so generous and faithful over the years at this meal, and I know you’ll continue to honor the Lord as you bless these students with your love and support!

The GOOD thing about using choirs in ministry – it opens a door that might not be opened with a typical missions thrust. Choirs are an art form, and art forms generate interest and opportunities that are unavailable to other groups. Certainly a case in point is when the Singing Churchmen of Oklahoma was able to sing in the Cappella Hall in Moscow in 1991 immediately following the fall of the Iron Curtain. Had we not been a choir, we would not have gained access to this prestigious venue and became the first Christian music group to ever set foot on that stage! Because of our choir status, we were able to share the message of Jesus Christ in the formerly communist USSR.

Our Student Choir is certainly not placed in such ground-breaking situations, but being a musical group does give us some additional opportunities to minister. Singing in every restaurant is certainly something that blesses the patrons each time we have done so! Just breaking out in a solo doesn’t have the same kind of reception, as you can well imagine!

The BAD thing about using choirs in ministry – when you don’t have everyone with you, it reduces the quality, quantity, and appearance of the remaining group! That’s why your financial support is so important to each member of this ministry and these opportunities!

I look forward to your blessing our Student Choir with your presence, your prayers, and your financial help at our Student Choir Luncheon on March 31st! Thank you for your continued and heart-felt support!

Prai-“sing” Him!


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