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Dear Friends,

This is the day which the LORD has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it.– Psalm 118:24

Over the past several weeks, that verse has been ever-present on my lips. I like to know what’s in store, what’s ahead, and what to expect. Then it happened. On March 16th, the world turned upside down and suddenly the task at hand was not planning the calendar for next Fall. No, as your staff sat around that table and listened to the President’s press conference, we were just trying to figure out how to get to the end of the day. Psalm 118:24 ministered to us; not only on that day, but for many days to come.

Yet through His goodness, God is allowing us to look beyond this day. Our summer schedule is taking shape. Of course, some of the events might need some adjustment as we see how things unfold, but understand this: God is leading us through these days of distance and separation. He is bringing us back together!

Sunday, June 7th will be of special importance to you. On that day, under the guidelines offered by Governor Stitt, we will provide opportunities for Sunday School classes to meet on site. There will be some things we will need to be mindful of, and we will be sure to communicate those in the days ahead. But come 9:30 am on Sunday, June 7th, CHBC will have Sunday School on campus. Of course, we are still committed to online classes, Bible studies, and worship services for those who decide it best to stay at home, but we will be taking another step. We will also offer Children’s Worship that day as well. And, that evening, at 6:00 pm we will have a Special Called Family Conference/Business Meeting to inform the church family of what’s been done these last several weeks to keep the church on mission.

This Sunday, May 31st, I will be sharing a message that will complete our study of the churches of Revelation. I hope you’ll either attend or watch online at 11:00 am as we consider the congregation in a city named Laodicea. Tell me, how do you see the Church these days? Perceived through the person of Christ, we see a Church Triumphant!! Looking forward to being together!

It’s a joy to be your pastor!

Bro. Dave

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I am so thankful to God that the church is able to open this Sunday and Sunday School also. I regret that I will be unable to attend but as usual will watch. Bro. Daves sermons are some of the best I have ever heard and I have heard a lot in my 90 years. Greatly enjoy the music ministry. It is difficult not to get to be there in person to worship God with others of like mind. My leukemia has worsened and if wbc is still as high as 2 weeks ago when I go on June ninth they are going to start infusions. I am asking for prayer-for strength (spiritually, physically, and mentally). We had onl…

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