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W.A.C.K. TURNS 50!


In a little over two weeks, our building will be filled with children learning various ways in which they can worship God! This year’s W.A.C.K. (Worship Arts Camp for Kids) will be the 50th time we have gathered together with children to learn a musical while teaching various ways these children can use their gifts to worship their Lord and Savior.

The camp had its origin at Falls Creek during an “off” week of camp. Boys and girls would meet at Falls Creek, learn a musical with all the drama and choreography, and then would present it at the Cox Center, at Lloyd Noble, or at First Southern in Del City. Over the years, Falls Creek continued to grow and expand to more weeks and needed the time frame where in Young Musicians’ Camp resided.

Combine that with a summer schedule reduced to only 8 weeks off for the Oklahoma City Public School system, and as the Capital Baptist Assembly is made up of churches primarily in the OKC district, YMC changed its format to more of a day camp, its time frame to within the months of June and July, its location to a church facility within its member churches, and eventually its name to WACK! Now that the OKC Public Schools has gone back to a more conventional summer schedule, this camp is able to move out of the busier months of June or July and into the first week or so of August.

But through it all, YMC/WACK has had its core the basic tenet of helping boys and girls within the 3rd-6th grades use their musical talents and gifts to offer up praises to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! And they will share the fruit of those talents August 5-7, culminating in a program here at Chisholm Heights Baptist Church that Wednesday evening!

1. Invite boys and girls who’ve just finished the 3rd through the 6th grades to join us in this experience.

2. Plan to attend this special presentation in our very own Worship Center! You’ll be blessed by their presentation and they’ll be blessed by your presence!

Prai-“sing” Him!

- David

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