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what a blessing!


I’m so proud of our Children’s Choir and Adult Choir members!

As I’m writing this on the Monday following the concert by Blake and Jenna Bolerjack, the previous evening’s images flood my memories! Having close to 40 children standing in the choir loft next to 20+ adult choir members singing praises to our Lord as a part of the Bolerjack’s presentation of praise was simply awesome!

Jerri, Kathy, and Pam coordinated with their children and parents to bring a strong, boisterous, energetic, Holy Spirit-filled tapestry of praise and awe that added so much to our evening of celebration provided by the Bolerjacks! And, outnumbering our adult choir by almost 2 to 1, they were able to fill almost two-thirds of the choir loft! What a beautiful sight!! And their sound was just as glorious!

Thank you, SMASH leadership, kids, and parents! Your involvement was such a powerful blessing!! And thank you, Hearts of Praise members for lending your voices and hearts to this evening as well! You continue to be my rock and my encouragers, as well as my partners in ministry each and every week!

Next on our musical horizon is our 22nd Edition of our Mustang Christmas Village! All the performance slots are filled, and each evening promises to be such an exciting time!

In addition, each of our choirs are putting on the finishing touches of their musical presentations! Here are the dates of their programs:

Sunday, December 8th @ 6 PM – SMASH and BLAST (Childrens’ Choirs)

Sunday, December 15th @ 6 PM – Hearts of Praise (Adult Choir)

Wednesday, December 18th @ 6 PM – GEMSTones (Senior Adult Choir)

Sunday, December 22nd @ 6 PM – YES! Student Choir

I know you’ll not want to miss a single one!

Prai-“sing” Him! - David

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