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what's your 20?


As we prepare for our Spring Sr. Adult-Led Revival we are asking the question, "What's Your 20?" Many of us had CB radios back in our day, and we had all different kinds of "10 codes" we would use, instead of just asking simple questions. For instance if we needed to break in on those already speaking in the radio we would say "Breaker 1-9, Good Buddy." That meant we need to break in on the conversation. "10-4" meant you understood what was said. And a "10-20" was asking for your location or where you are at a particular time. This coming week we want to ask "what's your 10-20" when in comes to your commitment to Christ, or your involvement in our church or better yet, what is your location when it comes to knowing Jesus as Savior? This is a time for us to invite our family and friends to come with you and seek God's face. You will not be disappointed when you give Jesus time to work in your life.

We will begin our week this coming Saturday morning, February 29, by having a time of prayer. We will assemble in the Multipurpose room at 9:00 a.m. (and yes we will have some coffee, juice and donuts) then we will spend about an hour and pray some very specific things concerning our revival meetings. You will find the revival schedule elsewhere in this publication, so just begin now to pray and seek God's face. Let's have REVIVAL in this place.

God is blessing! May He continue to shine His light and love on Mustang and may He do it though each of us!

- Rusty

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