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Dear Friends,

If the United States had a dollar for every opinion held by her citizens, the national debt would be erased! It is a truism of our days and times that each of us hold different perspectives on any number of issues and situations. Some might be relatively minor; some might be major and significant. The difficulty lies in that within each and every one of those opinions, no matter how small or how large, there is the possibility of harm and division. In this day of polarization, how do we maintain the unity of the family?

I believe (ironic statement that let’s you know I’m getting ready to share my opinion), it comes down to what we value. Through our faith in Christ, we have an amazing capacity to look beyond the things that would divide us that we might share together in the things that bind us. When we value our mutual standing in our faith, when we communicate love and respect even in the midst of disagreement, we find our differences are no match for our unity under the banner of our Lord. Chisholm Heights, thank you. As we follow Christ through these uncharted waters, we are finding the journey is much easier when we travel together!

And in that same spirit of thankfulness, allow me to say thank you to our Deacon Body. Under the leadership of our Deacon Chairman, Les Wald, these servants of Christ showed up last Sunday and served a fellowship meal for the church family. I want these men of God to know that their act of servanthood meant a great deal to their church family. Each and every one of them is a blessing, and I am grateful to serve alongside them throughout this season!

Remember, my friend, you are being prayed for. I know these days are hard, but your church family is here, ready to serve. If there is anything you need, please do not hesitate to let us know!

It’s a joy to be your pastor!

Bro. Dave

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