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yell for the right kind of help

Rusty Stowe

Suppose for a moment that you are attending the annual Fireworks Display sponsored by the Mustang Fire Department. Millions of fireworks are being discharged in the park! As you prepare to light your Roman candle it suddenly explodes in your hand. It burns you and leaves you with some intense pain! You immediately yell for “help.” One guy comes along and says, “You should have known better than to hold that Roman candle in your hand!” Then he walks away.

Another person comes up and says, “How stupid of you to light a Roman candle in your hand in the first place.” And that person too just walks away. Finally, a EMT from our Mustang Fire Department comes over to you, holding his first class, first aid bag. He immediately knows what to do and he has the necessary equipment to take care of your problem. The “right kind” of help finally shows up!

In the new Testament book of Matthew we find the account of Peter wanting to walking on the water to Jesus. In chapter 14 Jesus tells Peter to “Come”, and as he got out of the boat, he took his eyes off of Jesus and began to sink. In verse 30 Peter cries out, “Lord, save me!” or maybe “Lord, help me!” He was yelling for the “right kind” of help. Jesus had all the necessary tools to help Peter in his time of trouble. As we go through this thing called “life” we will encounter times of troubles and it is imperative that when we yell for help, we are yelling for the “right kind” of help. This is the help that only Jesus can provide. Through His death, burial and resurrection Jesus Christ gives us the victory over sin and death. Have a great summer of serving the Lord!

Who’s your ONE that you are willing to talk to about Jesus? Be faithful!

- Rusty

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