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Have you experienced one of those days when you stand outside and one minute you can see your shadow and then the next it is gone? One minute the sun is casting down and your shadow appears, but then the clouds move in and your shadow disappears.

Just as every person who gets into the sunshine casts a shadow, so every person going through life casts a shadow of influence on other people.

In the book of Acts we read: "As a result, people brought the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and mats so that at least Peter's shadow might fall on some of them as he passed by." (5:15)

It seems people had watched the Apostle Peter as he worked with people who were sick. They wanted his shadow to fall upon their friends who were sick hoping that they might be healed also. His "shadow of influence" was being cast on them. Have you ever gone for a doctor's appointment and you were feeling pretty good when you got to his waiting room, but just sitting in that room with all of those "sick" folks made you feel all funny on the inside? The "influence of the surroundings" seems to cast a shadow on you.

A common saying of a person who has a lot of influence in his city or state is: "He casts a long shadow!" This just means he has a lot of influence on people. So the question has to be asked, "What kind of shadow do we cast on others?" Day after day we cast our shadow on people in our community. What do they see when they see our shadow?

Do they see a person who is "Christ-like" in all we do? Do they see the same person they saw in church last Sunday? Are they bringing their friends and family to us so our shadow will be cast on them? Check your shadow from time to time and see what you see!

- Rusty

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