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Rusty Stowe

This past Sunday evening we stepped into a new season of small groups. We had ten different groups meeting all across Mustang and Yukon. All of us were introduced to a lady named Esther in the Old Testament book that bears her name. We discovered that God was always working His plan in her life even though it was hard to see His hand or His plan. Dr. Tony Evans talked about how sometimes God uses “zigs and zags” in our lives to get us to see His purpose in our lives. God uses the crooks and turns, the bumps and rocks, to take us on a much different path to accomplish His will than what we might choose. We talked about how God took Esther and through His providential work placed her in the position of queen. If He can do that for a Hebrew girl, just think what He might be able to do with us! If you are not part of one of our small groups, consider the impact these groups might have in our church and our community, and make plans to attend one of our next small group meetings on Sunday, November 10.

Our GEMS experienced a wonderful night of fine food, entertainment and fellowship at our annual Fall Banquet. A lot of people joined in to make this year’s banquet a huge success. Next up on our activity list is to make a one day trip to see Christmas lights and enjoy a wonderful Amish meal at Mrs. Miller’s in Chouteau, OK. Right now our sign up list is full, but we will start a waiting list and see if we have room available as the date gets closer. If you have placed your name on the list to go, please go ahead and get your money to the church so we will have an accurate account of places to be filled.

It is “Fall Ya’ll”! Enjoy this season and prepare yourself for a blessed Thanksgiving and Christmas season!

Thank you for allowing me to serve you!

- Rusty

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