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Monday mornings

Dave Bryan

What difference a year makes. I know. Believe me, I know! Today I sit in my office on a wonderful Monday morning, a morning where thankfulness comes easy. The joy of our previous Sunday morning is still fresh, and I find myself grateful for so many who use their gifts to honor the Lord within our church. We witnessed the fruit of a labor of love of skilled, committed individuals when we saw the excellent decorations adorning our hallways and sanctuary. Our musicians and technicians, our parents and children, our leaders and volunteers all worked together to lead us into the presence of the Lord as we began the Christmas season with our Hanging of the Green service. I remember the joy of the Sunday night service in which we sang and allowed Scripture to remind us of the simple story that defines our celebration. Yes, this Monday morning is a delightful morning, for it follows a Sunday of joy and wonder.

Oh, but last year? That Monday morning was far different. Frantically we were working to adjust a holiday calendar that had been seriously disrupted. For last year’s Hanging of the Green was dismissed before it even got started. A motor on one of our heating units had burnt up and smoke began to fill the sanctuary as the family gathered. For the first time in my ministry, I had to cancel a Sunday morning service, and I was still feeling the sting of the events on that Monday morning. Of course, the right decision had been made, but I didn’t like it very much. Oh, I was grateful for the leaders in our church that helped us all make good decisions in that moment. I was grateful for a flexible staff that worked out the details as dates and events were shifted and rescheduled. But it was still a difficult Monday, for it followed a Sunday of disruption and turmoil.

Yes, it’s a picture of life, isn’t it? We have our excellent days and we have our days that are not. And it is easy to see God in the good days. Thankfulness and gratitude are plentiful. But then, we also have the bad days. The days of chaos, desperation, guilt, and pain. While our gratitude and thanks might be harder to express, the God of the good days is still worthy of our praise on the bad days. For through them all, He is ‘working all things together for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose!’

So, my friends, while today is good, I know there is no guarantee of the circumstances of tomorrow. But I do know there is certainty beyond doubt that God will be there. He is faithful. He is compassionate. He is worthy of our praise.

Looking forward to the days ahead, all the more because we share the days together!

It’s a joy to be your pastor!

- Bro. Dave

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